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Seibu Lions Spring Camp News and Notes: February 1, 2011

by on Feb.01, 2011 @ 3:55 pm, under NPB

This post will be updated throughout the day.

=== 8:51pm

Yusei Kikuchi threw about 30 pitches in the bullpen today (squatting catcher) and told reporters he felt during his session.

=== 3:55pm

Around 100 people greeted the Lions at the airport yesterday.


Tatsuya Oishi (1st round)

Daily Sports is also carrying a full report on Oishi's first day:

8:49am - Oishi arrives at the stadium.

9:00am - Oishi and the rest of the players gather together on the field to pray for a safe and healthy spring camp.

9:30am - The players take part in a kick-off ceremony.

9:45am - Local fisherman present the team with a 40kg tuna.  Photographers ask the rookies to hoist the tuna up and smile for the camera.

10:00am - Warm-ups begin.  During running exercises between the foul poles, Oishi is up in the front.  Perhaps worried about the air from the volcano, Oishi has his blackish neck-warmer covering his mouth and nose.

10:40am - Warm-ups end.  Oishi heads to the locker room behind the first dugout to change in his uniform.

10:45am - Oishi re-appears on the field wearing the number 15.  He begins to play catch with Kazuhisa Makita (2nd round).  Nearby is Yusei Kikuchi.

11:02am - While playing catch, Oishi gets some tips from head / batting coach Masahiro Doi.

11:06am - Fielding drills begin.  Oishi is in the same group as Hideaki Wakui and Kikuchi.

10:40am - Players move to the secondary field via a long set of stairs.  With Hisanobu Watanabe watching, Oishi stands near third and begins to throw the ball over to first.

11:58am - Throwing practice continues, with Oishi moving deeper behind third, the distance is about 50 meters.  Kikuchi joins the group after practicing at another location.

12:10pm - Bathroom break.  After that, the uniform manufacturer asks how the uniform feels.

12:13pm - Long throw practice continues.  At around 12:23pm, pitching coach Takehiro Ishii walks over to Oishi and says it's ok to shorten the distance so long as he thinks about his balance while throwing the ball.

12:26pm - Oishi enters the bullpen.  Scouts from the Tigers and Dragons are watching.  With the catcher standing, Oishi tosses 55 pitches, all fastballs with good movement.  Partway through the session, at the direction of catcher Kosuke Noda, Oishi moves back about 2 meters behind the mound.

12:57pm - Icing begins.  Ends at 1:17pm.

1:20pm - Running exercises begin at the secondary grounds.

2:10pm - Oishi is beginning to look tired from the running exercises.  He gets some water from Kikuchi, who has already finished his running exercises.

2:22pm - Running exercises end.  Oishi looks pretty tired.

2:38pm - Oishi takes fielding practice with the other pitchers.  Ends at 2:45pm.

2:50pm - Pitchers start to pick-up garbage around the bullpen area.

3:00pm - Cleaning ends.  Equipment is gathered up and the Oishi heads to the weight training room.

3:40pm - Watanabe checks in on the players in the weight room.

4:04pm - Oishi plays catch with Yuta Nakazaki in the indoor training room.

4:11pm - Catch ends.

4:41pm - Oishi moves from the indoor training facilities to the main field.

4:50pm - Practice ends.  Oishi speaks to the press for about 5 minutes after Kikuchi.  Said Oishi, "The running made a lasting impression on me.  I wasn't planning on pitching in the bullpen, but I still did a pretty decent job throwing the ball.  It was to a standing catcher, but it felt good."

4:57pm - Press conference ends.  Oishi returns to the hotel (running the distance back).