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Chunichi Dragons Spring Camp News and Notes: February 2, 2011

by on Feb.02, 2011 @ 3:44 pm, under NPB

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=== 10:34pm

Kenichi Nakata tossed BP today to three batters: Masahiro Araki, Tatsuro Iwasaki, and Atsushi Fujii.  He threw a total 53 pitches and gave up 3 could-be hits.

=== 3:44pm

Hirokazu Ibata took early fielding practice today.  Ibata was at Chatan Stadium about an hour before the start of general practice and took some grounders with Tatsuro Iwasaki.  The day before, Ibata stayed back after general practice for extra indoor BP.


Of the 21 batters that took BP yesterday, Joel Guzman was the only one that managed to hit the ball out of Chatan Stadium (out to left-center and over the 5 meter high netting).  But Guzman did struggle to connect for could-be hits with only 5.

Said Guzman, "I was 100% ready [for BP].  But Japanese pitchers throw a lot of breaking pitches and they've got good control.  I also need to get used to the strike zone."

Giants' scout on Guzman - "I can see that he's got a lot of power.  They've also go Blanco, so extreme caution will be necessary.  Seems [Hiromitsu] Ochiai has a knack for bringing up players with power."


Hiromitsu Ochiai told reporters yesterday that players should think that rest = quitting.

Said Ochiai, "It's everyone for themselves.  Players that want to practice more, should.  Players that want to rest, can.  But, if they rest, we'll make it so that they can't.  Players should think rest = taking the uniform off."

Masahiko Morino took about 400 grounders after general practice (about an hour and 20 minutes worth).

Kazuhiro Wada ran three 400 meter races after general practice and was planning on taking extra BP afterward, but couldn't because he wasn't feeling well from all the running.