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Rakuten Eagles Spring Camp News and Notes: February 2, 2011

by on Feb.02, 2011 @ 11:53 am, under NPB

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=== 10:16pm

Masahiro Tanaka threw 31 pitches to a squatting catcher today.


The decision to try Makida out in right and Teppei out in left was because of Makida's strong arm -- the Eagles like his chances of throwing runners out at third.

Said OF / base-running coach Atsuhiro Motonishi, "We decided it made the most sense to put Makida in right. On top of that, it's always good when pitchers can play multiple positions."

=== 5:01pm

Motohiro Shima stayed back for extra BP after general practice yesterday.  Shima worked on hitting the ball to the opposite field.

=== 11:53am

During situational fielding practice today, Teppei was out in left (from his usual position in right) and Akihisa Makida was in right.  Seems the Eagles are thinking about changing some things up in the OF.


Kumejima-cho presented the Hoshino with a number of items today, including a 20kg tuna and free tickets to the spa facilities on the island.


Hoshino was satisfied with the first day of camp and was happy that it seemed everyone worked hard during the off-season -- all his pitchers tossed bullpen sessions (not including foreign pitchers) and both Akinori Iwamura and Kazuo Matsui hit balls over the fence during BP.  He did voice concern about players pushing themselves too hard though.  He also spoke of how special it was for him to be putting on a new uniform.


A little more on Senichi Hoshino getting lost on his way back to the hotel.  According to reports published today, Hoshino asked the driver to drop him off when they were 3km from the hotel.  The driver misheard Hoshino and dropped him off 3km away from the stadium.

When dropping Hoshino off, the driver told Hoshino to turn right at a gas station.  Unfortunately, there were two gas stations along the road back to the hotel (and wouldn't you know it, the island only has two gas stations) and the driver didn't specify making the turn at the second gas station.

Hoshino treated the kids that helped him back to the hotel with an autographed board, melon bread, rice crackers, and orange juice.  Hoshino later told the media the the MVP for the first day of spring camp was those three kids.