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Yuki Saito Spring Camp News and Notes: February 2, 2011

by on Feb.02, 2011 @ 11:08 am, under NPB

This post will be updated with information as it becomes available so keep checking back if you have any interest in Yuki Saito.

=== 1:55pm

Saito on his bullpen session - "There was an umpire around so I worked the strike zone.  I threw at about 60-70%, only about half [the pitches I threw] were good.  I had a nice rhythm going and I'd like to try and keep that going without getting hurt."

Regarding Nashida catching him - "I was a little surprised at how much movement he had on his throws back to the mound."

=== 11:30am

Saito tossed a bullpen session with Masataka Nashida catching.  After tossing 15 warm-ups, Saito threw 3 pitches with Nashida sitting.  After that, Saito threw 38 pitches (including his slider and curve) to other catchers like Ryota Imanari and Shinya Tsuruoka.

=== 11:08am

Saito was awake at 5am this morning after hitting the sack at 8pm the night before.


56 media companies sent 423 people to cover the first day of spring camp yesterday.


Nikkan Sports is carrying the results of an online survey they conducted on Saito (1,722 responses).  Some of the results:

How many victories will Saito record?

5-9 victories - 42.6%
1-4 victories - 31.2%
10-14 victories - 17.1%
0 victories - 6.8%
15-19 victories - 0.7%
20 or more victories - 0.7%

Who will be this year's PL Rookie of the Year?

Tatsya Oishi (SEI) - 41.1%
Yuki Saito (HAM) - 22.5%
Other - 16.1%
Shota Ishimine (LOT) - 8.7%
Yusei Kikuchi (SEI) - 6.9%
Takahiro Shiomi (RAK) - 4.7%

How many victories will Saito record in his career?

100-199 victories - 32.8%
50-99 victories - 31.8%
1-49 victories - 26.1%
200 or more victories - 7.8%
0 victories - 1.5%


Sanspo is carrying comments taken from Saito after practice yesterday:

The first day of [spring] camp is over....

I'm still not used to things, so I had to takes cues by watching things going on around me.  But I did attend rookie camp at Kamagaya [so in terms of practicing] I more or less did the same thing.  It also feels a little warmer here.

Did you run into any problems?

Whenever I had questions, I just asked the staff.  I didn't really have any problems, but I'm glad I'm getting used to the team environment.

You did some drills with just the pitchers...

I was able to them without getting anxious.  I'm still a little worried about sign plays.  It might take me a while before I can memorize it all.

You spoke with [Yu] Darvish...

And during running exercises, [Masanori] Hayashi, Masaru Takeda, and Hisashi Takeda approached me as well.  I want to gel with this team as quickly as possible, so I'd like to get to know them all.

What about Darvish's aura?

I felt it.  [In terms of what I call him] I call him Darvish-san.

After taking grounders, you proactively grabbed the carried the ball bag yourself.

I just thought about [how things were for me before], how anywhere you go there stuff that goes on behind the scenes.  I'll continue to do those things.

What do you think of the team environment?

Everyone seems to get along well so that makes things easier.  It's a nice environment.  I still can't let my guard down, but I'm slowly getting used to things.