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Hanshin Tigers Spring Camp News and Notes: February 4, 2011

by on Feb.04, 2011 @ 11:57 am, under NPB

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The Tigers have the day off today.

=== 8:51pm

Daiki Enokida (1st round) visited Onna Glass Kobu today and attempted to make a beer mug (he failed the first two times and finally succeeded on his third try). ... The seven rookies at Ni-gun camp visited an Aki nursery school and played dodge ball with the kids today. ... Kubo, Shinji Komiyama, Shunsuke Fujikawa, Masashi Nohara, and Issei Morita all worked out on their day off today.


Kubo told reporters today that he's still no closer to signing a deal with the Hanshin Tigers.  When asked if he could consider salary arbitration, Kubo said it didn't make much sense for him because it wasn't just a money issue.


If Kenji Jojima's training continues to progress smoothly, he could stay at Ichi-gun camp after Ni-gun camp ends on the 22nd.  He told reporters yesterday that the only thing left for him was to start a serious running program.

Jojima's potential schedule during spring camp: start BP during the second block; start taking grounders during the third block; long distance throws and other exercises to help strengthen the throwing shoulder in the fourth block, and the fifth block is the last block of Ni-gun spring camp.

=== 11:57am

Tomoaki Kanemoto played catch outdoors yesterday for the first time during spring camp (distance of about 12 meters; 57 tosses).  If he doesn't hit any road blocks, he could begin taking fielding practice in the OF during the second block of spring camp.  About 300 fans, 10 TV cameras, and 62 reporters (including 17 photographers) watched Kanemoto's throwing session.

Kanemoto also took 58 swings during soft toss BP and might be able to start taking indoor BP against live arms / machines some time during the second block.


Tomoyuki KubotaHiroyuki Kobayashi, and Kyuji Fujikawa all held bullpen sessions at the same time yesterday (for about 7 minutes).  For Fujikawa, it was his second bullpen session in as many days (he threw 20 pitches).  Kobayashi threw 35 pitches, 10 more than his previous session.  Kubota threw 31 pitches to a standing catcher and is hoping to have the catcher sit during the second block of camp.

Yasutomo Kubo was also included with the group above at one point, but he threw 117 pitches and also ended up pitching alongside Atsushi Nomi, who threw 102.  Both pitchers only threw fastballs.

Kubo later told reporters that he wasn't planning on throw so many pitches but changed his mind because the ball kept slipping out of his hand and he wanted to make the necessary adjustments.  He also mentioned that he got a little caught up in Nomi tossing his session.


When Akinobu Mayumi was asked what he thought of regarding Atsushi Nomi 7 game winning streak against the Yomiuri Giants, he said he might think about setting the rotation so that Nomi pitches most of his games against Yomiuri.  But he also added that it would be difficult to create a rotation based on which pitchers did well against which teams.


Keiji Uezono threw 106 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.  Ni-gun pitching coach Keiichi Yabu gave Ueno tips on how to use the pitching rubber more effectively.

Said Yabu, "He was using the same spot on the pitching rubber too much.  If he changes where he starts from, he can change the angle he throws the ball increasing the variety of his pitches.  It gives the batters something else to think about."


The Tigers' coaches and foreign players went out for dinner last nightMatt Murton was apparently pleased the coaches decided to schedule the dinner because it gave him a chance to learn more about what the coaches wanted / expected from them.