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Hiroshima Carp Spring Camp News and Notes: February 4, 2011

by on Feb.04, 2011 @ 4:17 pm, under NPB

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The Carp have the day off today.

=== 9:29pm

Fukui went out to dinner with K. Maeda and a number of other players Thursday night (they went out to eat steak).  Seems K. Maeda also popped the question about when Fukui planned on tossing his first bullpen session.


Mike Schultz arrived in Okinawa today and told reporters he'll be joining the team for practice tomorrow.  While Schultz is pretty much back to normal (he went down with the flu for a few days), he's still having some stomach problems.


Iwami told reporters today that he plans on doing a lot of throwing moving forward because he was the type that needed the extra work and that if he went too many days without pitching, he'd lose the feel for it.

=== 4:17pm

The Ichi-gun camp is scheduled to move to Miyazaki after practice on the 13th, but may delay their move until the 18th (at the latest) if volcanic activity increases.  The Carp are now checking to see if it's a possible option.  And while they  have received the green light from their hotel, there is a problem with the stadium -- the team can only use the stadium through to the 15th because university baseball teams have already reserved time slots after that.  Since there aren't too many other options, the Carp may have to considered joint camps with another team, if they can get their permission.


Rookies Yuya Fukui (1st round), Kyohei Nakamura (2nd round), and Yuki Iwami (3rd round) visited Murasaki Mura today. ...They ended up taking a course on a traditional form of folk dance called Eisa.


Kenjiro Nomura and chief pitching coach Yutaka Ono both spoke to Fukui yesterday about his throwing schedule moving forward (Fukui didn't toss a bullpen session during the first block of camp).

Said Fukui after practice, "The two top guys asked, and [Kiyoshi] Toyoda said to me, 'You're amazing man.'  That got me a little nervous. ... [But] the fact is, my body doesn't feel ready yet.  If I head to the bullpen and feel I'm not ready, then there's no point in throwing... ... I want to avoid having a bad start like in college. ... My shoulder is fine, but I don't want to rush myself and get hurt."

Rookies' Nakamura, Iwami, and Masaya Kanemaru (4th round) have thrown bullpen sessions during each of the three days of the first block of spring camp.  The only pitchers that apparently haven't tossed bullpen sessions yet: veteran Ryuji Yokoyama, Kan Otake (right shoulder concerns), and Kenta Maeda.

"That might be his way of preparing," said Ono, "but there's a difference between the pro level and the amateur level.  [If he doesn't hurry up] Okinawa camp will end. ... But, it's pretty amazing that he can stay this calm in a situation like this.