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Nippon Ham Fighters Spring Camp News and Notes: February 4, 2011

by on Feb.04, 2011 @ 4:32 pm, under NPB

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The Fighters have the day off today.


Yu Darvish worked out for about an hour (aerobic exercises, trunk strengthening exercises) on his day off today.

Said Darvish, "I decide whether or not to practice based on how my body is feeling.  I'm going to do some pitching tomorrow, so even though I had the day off today, I wanted to keep my body ready that.  It's especially easy to get hurt during the start of camp [so I want to be careful].  Anytime I throw, I want to make sure I am fully prepared."

A little more on Darvish's bullpen yesterday: he threw 14 pitches to a standing catcher before throwing 26 pitches to a sitting catcher.


Sho Nakata also worked out on his day off today.  After taking part in a shoot for a TV program, Nakata left the team hotel in the afternoon and spent time working on his swing.


After BP yesterday, Shinji Takahashi went to the bullpen to catch Kenji Tsuchiya.  He later told reporters he'd like to catch 1-2 bullpen session per block and added that he wanted to make sure he was ready to catch in case of emergency.

Takahashi actually asked the coaches if he could spend some time in the outfield, but his request was turned own.


Nago city mayor Susumu Inamine visited the Fighters yesterday and told reporters that he is thinking about re-working plans for building a new stadium in Nago.

Said Inamine, "The stadium itself is old and is beginning to show its age.  The time to think about building a new stadium is upon us. ... I will re-work the plans [for a new stadium].  We have to think about things like indoor facilities and building it more inland."

The Nago training facilities were built in 1977.  The outfield walls were recently redone, but the locker rooms and the weight training facilities are in bad shape.  The Fighters have been asking the city to consider rebuilding the facilities over the last few years.