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Chunichi Dragons Spring Camp News and Notes: February 5, 2011

by on Feb.05, 2011 @ 3:31 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/5 @ 11:05pm

Ochiai gave Guzman some fielding advice while Guzman was taking fielding practice out in right today.  During indoor fielding practice he worked as a first baseman.  Guzman later told reporters that he was told to work out at third as well.  Seems all the hard work during camp is leaving Guzman completely drained after practice.


Kenta Asakura threw 58 pitches (mostly fastballs) in the bullpen today.  He also worked on hitting spots set by the catcher.

===== 2/5 @ 3:31pm

Wei-Ying Chen threw 80 pitches in the bullpen today and told reporters that he still had a long way to go and that there were a  lot of things he still needed to work on.

Special temporary coach Shigeru Sugishita also recently conveyed to Chen the importance of the fork, especially if he wants to play in the majors.

Said Chen, "He told me to learn how to throw a pitch that drops if I want to pitch in the majors.  He said that I'll get beat if I go in with only a change-up.  And that the pitch I was throwing right now isn't a fork.  Instead of dropping, it's just sinking. ... He told me that if I wanted to become a better pitcher, I would need to work on my fork more.  He didn't give me any advice on how, but there's still a month so I'd like to work on my fork as much as possible."

Sugishita then apparently listed Kazuhiro Sasaki and Takashi Saito as perfect examples of pitchers with good forks that found success in the majors and Kei Igawa as an example for a pitcher that hasn't made it because he doesn't have a fork and instead relies on a change.


More on Hitoki Iwase's 47-pitch BP appearance yesterday: they were all fastballs and he allowed 4 could-be hits.  Iwase was probably throwing in the early to mid 130km/h range.


Hiromitsu Ochiai worked with Tony Blanco, Joel Guzman, and Felix Carrasco at first base yesterday.  Since the Dragons will likely carry two foreign pitchers (Chen and Maximo Nelson), they will only have room for 2 position players.