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Chiba Lotte Marines Spring Camp News and Notes: February 6, 2011

by on Feb.06, 2011 @ 4:42 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/6 @ 11:00pm

About 2000 fans visited the Marines spring camp at Ishigaki today.  After practice, the Marines also held a baseball clinic for the local little league baseball teams.

===== 2/6 @ 4:42pm

Yuki Karakawa made an appearance as a BP pitcher and threw 92 pitches (at 50-60%) while giving up 22 could-be hits.


Atsushi Kobayashi threw 74 pitches as a BP pitcher today and gave up 11 could-be hits, including 2 homers to Shoitsu Omatsu.


Shota Ishimine (1st round) showed up for early morning batting practice today (second day in a row).  He arrived at the facilities around 8:30am and spent about an hour, along with Ikuhiro Kiyota and Shota Koike (4th round), working with batting coach Eiji Kanamori.


Tae-Kyun Kim took 32 swings of the bat during BP yesterday and hit 3 over the fence.  Kim's first BP session last year: 48 swings, 22 over the fence.

Said Kim, "It's too early to be thinking about hitting the long ball.  Camp just started.  If I try to force myself to pull the ball for home runs, I mess up my balance.  I'm swinging at full speed, but I'm not going to use unnecessary power."


Yoshifumi Okada used his new bat  during BP yesterday -- at 960 grams it's 30-40 grams heavier than the one he used last season.  In facing Koshiro Yamamuro, Okada swung the bat 11 times collected 6 could-be hits (2 each to left, center, and right).

Said Okada, "I made the bat heavier so I wouldn't get beat by faster pitches.  My goal is to choke up on the bat and make sure I can swing through and hit the ball hard."

According to bat manufacturer ZETT - "Professional hitters use bats that weigh, on average, between 900 to 910 grams.  Okada's bat actually has a narrow head and is therefore easy to control."


Yoshihisa Naruse threw 74 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.  Not including the team's day off on Friday, it was Naruse's 4th session in as many days.  Naruse is currently scheduled to toss BP on the 7th.


Yuta Omine (stiffness in his right ring finger) continued to work out under a separate menu today (he also did not play any catch).

Said Omine, "I'm taking it easy right now.  I just hope I'll be able to start throwing again during the next block."