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Chunichi Dragons Spring Camp News and Notes: February 6, 2011

by on Feb.06, 2011 @ 2:23 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/6 @ 11:25pm

Hitoki Iwase threw 50 pitches in the bullpen today.

Said Iwase, "It's coming along just as I imagined.  Very close to being ideal. ... All I need to do now slowly add power and see how good my control is."

Iwase will begin throwing off-speed pitches during the second block of camp, but will continue to focus on working on his fastball.

===== 2/6 @ 10:35pm

Kazuhiro Wada went 0-for-4 with 4 strikeouts during a game of situational BP today.  Hiromitsu Ochiai also worked directly with Wada on his hitting.


Junki Ito made an appearance during situational BP today and faced 9 batters.  He had some trouble with his control and ended up walking 4 of them.

===== 2/6 @ 2:23pm

Wei-Ying Chen threw 80 pitches in the bullpen in the morning and then tossed an additional 40 pitches in the bullpen in the afternoon.

Said Chen, "I threw while thinking about my feel for the ball and my balance.  My right shoulder was flying open, so I worked on that.  Shadow pitching and actually throwing the ball are completely different.  I threw the afternoon session at about 50-60%."


Hiromitsu Ochiai wants Tony Blanco, Joel Guzman, and Felix Carrasco ready to play first, third, and the outfield.  He also plans on starting all three during a practice game, maybe as early as the 17th (vs the LG Twins).