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Softbank Hawks Spring Camp News and Notes: February 6, 2011

by on Feb.06, 2011 @ 4:20 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/6 @ 11:50pm

Sugiuchi and Wada tossed bullpen sessions at the same time today.  The last time the two threw at the same time was back on the 2nd.


About 1900 fans showed up to watch the Hawks today.  The Hawks also held a baseball clinic for local little league teams (about 100 people).

The Hawks drew about 1,600 fans yesterday.

===== 2/6 @ 4:20pm

The Hawks received three 10kg tuna and 10kg of shrimp from the Miyazaki Fish Federation today.


This year's opening day start will either go to Toshiya Sugiuchi and Tsuyoshi Wada.  In order to decide, the Hawks could end up having both pitchers make appearances in the same intra-squad game and Nikkan Sports points to the intra-squad game scheduled on the 21st as a possibility.


Sadaharu Oh and Koji Akiyama's comments on Jose Ortiz's BP outing (58 swings, 7 over the fence) yesterday:

Oh - "I was surprised.  He's coming off an injury.  I didn't think he'd do this well [so soon].  There's still about a month and a half until the start of the regular season.  I think he'll be ready."

Akiyama - "He's been taking BP indoors while keeping an on his condition.  He probably felt that today was the day to give it a try.  He can prepare himself pretty quickly.  He was pretty fast last year.  All that's really left now is running.  It just means he cleared the hitting hurdle first."


Kenta Imamiya took early morning BP for the second straight day today.  He arrived at the facilities about 1.5 hours before the start of general practice to work on his swing.  On Saturday, Imamiya showed up for early morning practice and also ended up staying back after general practice for extra work on his hitting.


Toru Hosokawa also showed up for early morning BP for the second straight day today.  He showed up at the facilities around 8am and spent about an hour working with batting coach Yoshiie Tachibana.