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Rakuten Eagles Spring Camp News and Notes: February 7, 2011

by on Feb.07, 2011 @ 4:29 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/8 12:50am

Akinori Iwamura stayed back for extra fielding practice today and took over 200 grounders at third.  The session lasted about an hour.

Iwamura is also tweaking his batting stance in the hopes of generating more power, based on the three main concepts for hitting home runs -- increase bat speed; hit the ball at an angle; and reverse the spin on the ball.  As such, Iwamura is now standing with his hands a little higher than before (about 20 cm higher).


The situational bunting exercise was a mock 4-inning game.  At one point, during a squeeze play, Motohiro Shima took a brief pause before making a throw to third and just missed the runner.  Hoshino was quick to shout out to Shima that he needed to trust his gut more and react quicker.

===== 2/7 @ 11:04pm

Yamasaki took 97 swings of the bat during BP today and hit 7 over the fence.  Yamasaki had been using a training bat up during BP, but decided to switch over to his regular game bat today.


The Eagles announced today that Byung-Hyun Kim's registered name will be キム (Kim).

===== 2/7 @ 4:29pm

Senichi Hoshino gathered the Ichi-gun and Ni-gun players (excluding foreign players) together today for some situational bunting exercises.  Hoshino yelled at any players that made mistakes.


Takeshi Yamasaki took 93 swings of the bat during BP yesterday and hit 9 over the fence (2 of which went over the netting in the outfield).


Hisashi Iwakuma threw 60 pitches in the bullpen yesterday -- 40 to a standing catcher and 20 to a squatting catcher.  It was Iwakuma's 4th bullpen session during spring camp.


Masahiro Tanaka also threw 60 pitches in the bullpen yesterday (squatting catcher) and mixed in some off-speed pitches (slider, curve, change, cutter, split) for the first time.  And it was also Tanaka's 4th bullpen session during spring camp.


Satoshi Nagai also tossed a bullpen session yesterday.  No reports on how many pitches he threw.