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Softbank Hawks Spring Camp News and Notes: February 7, 2011

by on Feb.07, 2011 @ 5:24 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/8 @ 3:18am

The Hawks apparently informed Tadashi Settsu that he could be used as a starter this season.

===== 2/8 @ 2:28am

Shota Oba felt tightness in his right shoulder today and will begin to take things slow.  Oba has been pushing himself pretty hard during camp but will now have to take things down a notch.


Nagisa Arakaki faced two batters during BP and threw 50 pitches while giving up 11 could-be hits.

===== 2/7 @ 11:30pm

Munenori Kawasaki and Yuichi Honda took extra field practice together today.

===== 2/7 @ 5:24pm

Hiroki Kokubo sat down with Yuki Yanagita (2nd round) yesterday to tell him that he had potential and the ability to hit the ball far, and that he should put a lot of work into his timing.

Said Yanagita, "He told me how important it was to get my timing down.  That pro [pitchers] worked on breaking batters down.  He also said it would be very important to learn how to deal all sorts of pitches, like off-speed pitches."


Seiichi Uchikawa spent extra time on his base-running skills yesterday.  During BP, Uchikawa became the runner at second and worked on his timing for when to run on contact.


Nobuhiro Matsuda told reporters yesterday that the coaches told him to try using some of the batting exercises Uchikawa relies on.

Said Matsuda, "Since we're both right-handed batters, the coaches said I should look to [Uchikawa] for ideas.  Like making sure I'm centered properly and hitting the ball in front of me."