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Yakult Swallows Spring Camp News and Notes: February 8, 2011

by on Feb.08, 2011 @ 4:25 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/8 @ 10:34pm

Yasushi Iihara and Nariaki Kawasaki (6th round) started using Kendo shinai in their training today.  After using the shinai, the two then switched over to bats for BP.

Said general coach Takao Ise, "The way your arms are at the point of contact when swinging a baseball bat is the same as when you hit the men (head) [using the shinai in Kendo]."


Yoshinori threw more than 100 pitches in the bullpen today (sitting catcher).  Yoshinori is scheduled to make an appearance as a BP pitcher tomorrow.


Akihiro Yano and Norihiro Akahoshi visited Urasoe camp today and spent some time talking to former teammate Osamu Hamanaka.

===== 2/8 @ 4:25pm

Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi faced Shinichi Takeuchi, Kazuhiro Hatakeyama, and Jun Matsui during BP yesterday and threw 59 pitches while giving up 8 hits (including two home runs to Takeuchi).

Said Masubuchi, "I had a good feel for things.  My concern is [still] my stamina.  Last year I was able to get by on power as a reliever, but as a starter, I'm not sure if I have enough [stamina].  I'm trying to change my delivery so that I'm only using power at the moment of release."

Masubuchi also worked in his cutter and fork, two pitches he has been working on polishing up.


Yuki Shichijo (2nd round) threw 45 pitches during his BP pitcher outing yesterday and gave up 11 could-be hits to Hiroyasu Tanaka and Shingo Kawabata.


Atsuya Furuta will be dropping by the Urasoe camp on the 9th to record a segment for a TV programYoshinori Sato is hoping to spend some time with Furuta and perhaps even toss a bullpen session to him (Yoshinori is scheduled to toss a bullpen and make an appearance as BP pitcher).  Yoshinori has wanted to pitch to Furuta the last two springs but couldn't since Furuta visited the team on days he wasn't scheduled to throw.