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Yuki Saito Spring Camp News and Notes: February 8, 2011

by on Feb.08, 2011 @ 11:12 am, under NPB

This post will be updated with information as it becomes available so keep checking back if you have any interest in Yuki Saito.

===== 2/8 @ 11:18pm

Saito actually signed two autographs today.

And to clear up the previous reports about the Fighters banning Saito from signing autographs...  It actually wasn't a bad, but rather an advisory to Saito to exercise extreme caution out of concern for both his safety and the fans safety.  The reason why Saito handed out the autographs today was because there weren't a lot of people in the area and also because there was a fence separating him and the two fans.

So for those looking to get his autograph, the trick is to find him when no one else is around.

===== 2/8 @ 3:25pm

Saito and Yu Darvish spent some time (about 30 minutes) working on fielding bunts and making throws to second on the secondary field today.

===== 2/8 @ 11:50am

Saito was running in the outfield by himself around 8:30am this morning.  He then stopped and signed an autograph for a 19-year-old female fan sitting in the outfield.  The woman was immediately surrounded by the media and was quoted as saying that she wanted to make sure it didn't get stolen.

This was Saito's first autograph in Nago.

===== 2/8 @ 11:12am

Pitching coach Masato Yoshii hit grounders out to Saito and had him throw the ball back from a distance of about 100 meters yesterday.  Saito made 18 tosses in this manner before returning to the bullpen to throw an additional 16 pitches.

Said Saito, "It was my decision.  I first thought about finishing up after the long throws.  But I didn't have a very good bullpen session [so I wanted to return].  It was about my feel for things, but rather about my form."

Incidentally, Saito threw his first bullpen at about 50-60% (33 pitches) and his second bullpen session at about 70-80% (16 pitches).