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Hiroshima Carp Spring Camp News and Notes: February 9, 2011

by on Feb.09, 2011 @ 10:26 pm, under NPB

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The Carp have the day off today.


A little more on Dennis Sarfate outing as a BP pitcher yesterday: he topped out at 151km/h; of the 40 pitches he threw, 25 were fastballs and many were in the 150km/h range; he did slow down a bit at the end at around 146km/h; the 3 could-be hits he allowed were on off-speed pitches and all three came off the bat of Yoshikazu Kura; his slider was between 133 - 136km/h; and his curve was around 125km/h.

Said Kura, "It was the first time I faced him and I wasn't expecting him to throw so hard...  His pitches were moving pretty good so I think batters will have a hard time hitting him."

Yoshiyuki Ishihara also took some swings against Sarfate but could not produce any could-be hits.  His take on Sarfate: "His pitches had a lot of life and they felt heavy.  He threw an inside shuto and a cutter-like pitch away that had late movement near the hands.  He doesn't seem like the kind of pitcher that has a lot of control problems.

Said Sarfate, "I felt good throwing out there.  But I wasn't throwing at 100%.  I had to think about my control, so I was throwing at about 85%.  I'm doing well considering the time of the year.  I want to remove the net the next time I throw, have the catcher go through the signs, and really face the batter."

Sarfate is also expected to miss about a week in early March in order to be with his expecting wife.