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Orix Buffaloes Spring Camp News and Notes: February 10, 2011

by on Feb.10, 2011 @ 5:25 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/10 @ 11:03pm

Chan Ho Park faced Seung-Yeop Lee during BP today and threw 15 pitches while giving up 6 could-be hits, including 2 that went over the fence.

"He told me he couldn't hit the inside pitches, so I asked him why he was able to hit them," said Park while smirking.

Park also faced Takahiro Okada and threw an additional 20 pitches.

===== 2/10 @ 5:25pm

So Taguchi took the day off today due to a cold.  It doesn't appear to be the flu.


The Buffaloes are currently thinking Chihiro Kaneko will return in June, perhaps in time for, or in the middle of, the Inter-league series.

Said Akinobu Okada, "This can't be a partial recovery.  It doesn't matter if he takes his time.  We just need to make sure the team is in a position where it makes sense for him to return.  And that means other players will need to pick up the slack until then."


One of the Buffaloes' mascots took a cue from Ichiro's suggestion that Takahiro Okada wear a thong in order to make his nickname T-Okada stick out more, by giving Okada a mask in the shape of a thong as a birthday present yesterday.  Okada told reporters he would wear the mask if the team won a championship.

Akinobu Okada also told reporters that he expected Okada to play out a full season without taking any days off.