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Softbank Hawks Spring Camp News and Notes: February 9, 2011

by on Feb.10, 2011 @ 1:08 am, under NPB

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The Hawks have the day off today.


Ayatsugu Yamashita (1st round) worked on his hitting during his day off today.


Hiroki Yamada showed off the two-seamer he picked-up while playing in the Australian Winter League during BP yesterday and broke Nobuhiro Matsuda's bat with it.

Said Yamada, "It was a two-seamer I threw that broke the bat.  It's like a reverse cutter.  I first tried it using it in Australian and thought it was a viable pitch.  And so I tried it against batters for the first time today. ... The ball I used in Australia moved a lot more, but I think I might be able to use it here.  I'll continue working with it and try to get it ready for use in games. ... If I can use it to get batters to hit the ball on the ground, or maybe to induce double plays.  It'll also expand my repertoire."

Yamada is hoping to secure a spot in the starting rotation this year.


Tsuyoshi Wada threw 63 pitches in the bullpen yesterday under the watchful eye of Nikkan Sports baseball analyst Satoru Komiyama.

Said Wada, "Fatigue is starting to build up and there wasn't much life to my fastball.  I wanted to show Komiyama a better session.  But, I did have good control over my off-speed pitches.  I want to continue polishing my curve so that I can throw it even when I'm behind in the count."

And Komiyama's thoughts on Wada's session: "Wada can use his curve to help get ahead in the count.  It'll be interesting to see how much he can throw it during intra-squad and exhibition games.  I'd like to see him get a better feel for it by throwing it in those games.  Make it one of his out pitches.  He might not be much to look at in the bullpen, but he's the type of pitcher that will try anything to get a batter out.  I'm pretty sure he'll have a good year.  He should keep aiming higher and it's always good to have a wide variety of pitches."