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Yakult Swallows Spring Camp News and Notes: February 10, 2011

by on Feb.10, 2011 @ 2:24 pm, under NPB

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The Ichi-gun Swallows have the day off today.

===== 2/10 @ 9:46pm

Yoshinori and Kyohei Muranaka spent about an hour at Urasoe Kamimori Junior High School today giving a lecture and answer questions.  About 880 students were in attendance.

===== 2/10 @ 2:24pm

Junji Ogawa and the Ichi-gun coaches visited Ni-gun camp today and had a chance to watch a few pitches toss bullpen sessions (like Mikinori Kato and Yasuhiro Ichiba).


Yoshinori Sato faced three batters during BP yesterday and threw 59 pitches while giving up 9 could-be hits.  He also threw the new two-seamer he's been working on about 10 times (2-3 times per batter) during the outing.

Comments on Yoshinori's two-seamer:

Shingo Kawabata - "[Darvish's] seems a little faster.  Yoshinori's is more like a change that has shuto-like movement.  There isn't a lot of spin on the ball and it moved away from me.

Shinichi Takeuchi - "It's like it sinks away.  Right-handed, left-handed, it's not an easy pitch [to hit]."

Atsuya Furuta - "Darvish has a good fastball and slider, but it wasn't until he added the two-seamer that he really started to win. ... I'd like him to win 15 games and take the win title.  People that don't like change, don't succeed.  Taking on a challenge is very important.  If he can master the two-seamer, he will compete for the win title."

Yoshinori - "I received from advice from [Furuta] and I didn't try to make the pitch move, I just tried to keep it down low.  And when I started doing that, I actually started throwing it better."

After tossing BP, Yoshinori also threw about 25 more pitches in the bullpen.  Yoshinori is also scheduled to pitch in a practice game against the Samsung Lions on the 17th.