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Chiba Lotte Marines have interest in 3 Hanshin Tiger player

by on Feb.11, 2011 @ 10:25 pm, under NPB

Team operating director, Akira Ishikawa, told reporters today that the team narrowed down their list of interested Hanshin Tiger players to three: 2 pitchers and 1 position player.  At this point, it also appears as though the Tigers protected all their big name players.

The Marines will now send out scouts to check on the three players they're interested in and will try to come to a final decision before the end of the month.

UPDATE 2/12 @ 4:25pm - Ishikawa also told reporters yesterday that the Tigers protected all their big name players.

Ishikawa - "All their star players are protected.  So players like [Takashi] Toritani and [Tomoaki] Kanemoto didn't slip through."

If the Tigers protected all their "star players," then it stands to good chance that they couldn't protect a few of their younger prospects.  That could be good news, since a younger prospect makes a lot more sense than a 42-year-old outfielder that is close to retiring.