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Chiba Lotte Marines Spring Camp News and Notes: February 11, 2011

by on Feb.11, 2011 @ 11:54 am, under NPB

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====== 2/11 @ 11:26pm

Shoitsu Omatsu took about 100 swings during extra BP after general practice today and hit 15 over the fence.


Takashi Ogino took part in situational BP yesterday.  On offense, he hit a triple off Hiroki Ueno.  On defense, he played at short and showed good mobility.

====== 2/11 @ 11:54am

The Marines will be sending scouts to both the Hanshin Tigers Ginoza, Okinawa Ichi-gun camp and Aki, Kochi Ni-gun camp in the coming days.

Said operating director Akira Ishikawa, "I took a peak.  They did a good job protecting players.  But there are some players we're interested in. ... I think this is going to take some time.  We'll probably send a couple people to both their camps. ... We'll narrow down who we're interested in the most and decide who will be watching which player.  If we take a veteran, it'll be someone that can help us right away.  If it's a young player, we'll take one that has the potential."


Bill Murphy surprised people when showed up yesterday without any facial hair.

Said Murphy, "I shaved the hairs on my and things just didn't look right so I also ended shaving the hair around my mouth. ... But since I probably don't look too scary without facial hair, I'll grow it out like a bear by opening day."