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Hiroshima Carp Spring Camp News and Notes: February 11, 2011

by on Feb.11, 2011 @ 5:13 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/12 @ 12:17am

Kan Otake threw 71 pitches in the bullpen today -- 30 to a standing catcher and 41 to a sitting catcher.  This was his first bullpen session where he had the catcher sit, and third session overall.

Otake - "I wanted to toss a bullpen with the catcher sitting at least once while in Okinawa, so this was good.  I threw at about 70% today.  Now to see how my body reacts to all this throwing."


Chad Tracy stayed back after practice for extra BP today and took 106 swings against Kenjiro Nomura.

===== 2/11 @ 5:13pm

Kyoshi Toyoda faced Bryan Bullington and Yoshiyuki Ishihara during BP today and threw 39 pitches while allowing 9 could-be hits.

Toyoda - "Today was about throwing strikes.  Good, bad, it doesn't matter.  The fact that I was able to face live hitters was good."


Bullington faced Takuro Ishii and Yoshikazu Kura during BP today and threw 40 pitches while giving up 3 could-be hits.  He also mixed in his off-speed pitches like his curve and slider.

Bullington - "I had good rotation on my off-speed pitches.  It was a good outing.  I also had a good feel for the mound.  I think this was a good session."


Kyohei Nakamura (2nd round) faced three batters during his first outing as a BP pitcher yesterday and threw 30 pitches while allowing 1 could-be hit.  He threw only fastballs; topped out at 145km/h; and 12 of his 30 pitches went for balls.  Nakamura also told reporters that he felt he was throwing at around 130km/h; that he was only satisfied with 6-7 pitches; and that he was throwing at about 60%.


Yuki Iwami (3rd round) threw 30 pitches during BP yesterday and gave up 3 could-be hits.  About half of the pitches Iwami threw went for balls.

Iwamu - "It was the first time I faced these batters, so I wanted to try and get a good feel for them, but it don't go well.  And about half the time I had a hard time getting a good grip on the ball.  Today was just a bad day. ... There were a few good pitches.  I need to increase those.  I can't thinking about being tired [right now].  I need to be able to pitch my game."


Kenta Maeda threw 45 pitches in the bullpen yesterday (squatting catcher).

Maeda - "There were some good pitches and some bad pitches.  There were also some that hung.  I need to see a little more life on my pitches.  On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), I'm probably at about 2 or 3 right now."


Team owner Hajime Matsuda celebrated his 60th birthday today.  He is currently in Okinawa in order to watch spring camp.