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Yakult Swallows Spring Camp News and Notes: February 12, 2011

by on Feb.12, 2011 @ 3:28 pm, under NPB

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Today's intra-squad game:

The whites beat the reds, 9-5 (9 innings).

Shingo Kawabata started at short and batted 7th for the reds and collected 3 hits: a double in the 2nd, a triple in the 3rd, and a single to center in the 5th.

Hiroyasu Tanaka started at second and batted 2nd for the whites.  Tanaka hit a 2-run homer off Mikinori Kato to left-center in the 3rd inning.

Ryo Hirai started for the reds and and tossed 2 shutout inning while giving up a hit and 2 walks.

Kato had a rough outing for the reds and gave up 7 runs (5 earned) over 3 innings of work (6 hits, 2 strikeouts, 3 walks).


Yuki Shichijo (2nd round) threw 30 pitches in the bullpen today (including off-speed pitches).  Shichijo is scheduled to make an appearance in relief during tomorrow's practice game against the Hanshin Tigers.


Katsuya Nomura watched yesterday's intra-squad practice game.  He also told reporters that the Swallows could be the dark horse this season and that a lot would depend on how well Junji Ogawa managed the team.

Nomura - "When I visited Chunichi, [Hiromitsu] Ochiai told me he hated Yakult.  They have the starting pitching.  Yakult is a dark horse.  The rest depends on how [Junji] Ogawa manages the team."

Nomura has now visited the Dragons, Bay Stars, and the Swallows.


Shohei Tateyama threw 186 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.  Seems he also took a couple of pauses in between.