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Hanshin Tigers Spring Camp News and Notes: February 13, 2011

by on Feb.13, 2011 @ 6:29 am, under NPB

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Today's practice game against the Yakult Swallows (Ichi-gun):

The Swallows beat the Tigers, 5-0.

Tatsuya Kojima started the game and did not allow a run over 2 innings of work.  He also gave up 1 hit and struck out 3.

Daiki Enokida (1st round) tossed a shutout inning in relief (first pitcher out of the bullpen).  He faced three batters, walked one, and didn't record any strikeouts.

Today's practice game against the SK Wyverns (Ni-gun):

Ryuji Wakatake tossed 3.1 innings in relief (first pitcher out of the bullpen) and faced 10 batters -- he did not allow any hits or walks.

===== 2/13 @ 8:47pm

Hiroyuki Kobayashi faced Keiichi Hirano and Takashi Toritani during BP today and threw 36 pitches while giving up 12 could-be hits.

Kobayashi - "I wanted to throw strikes, so this outing was good for me.  It was also good to face quality batters so soon.  I'd like to try and toss one more BP before we move to Aki, Kochi."


Tadahiro Nomura (Judo) visited Shinjiro Hiyama at Ginoza, Okinawa today.  The two apparently worked out together this past January in Guam.

===== 2/13 @ 3:50pm

The Tigers drew around 2,400 fans yesterday.


Naoto Tsuru faced 9 batters during situational BP yesterday and gave up 2 hits and struck out 3 (two of which came off Wei-Chu Lin and Takashi Toritani).


Akinobu Mayumi worked with Ryota Arai on his hitting yesterday.  He also hit a double off Tsuru during situational BP.


Yuya Ando (working his way back from pain in his right shoulder) threw on flat ground at a distance of about 20 meters yesterday.  He also had his catcher bent over a little.

Trainer Yasunori Gonda - "He threw harder today than before.  We don't have a time line for when he'll toss a bullpen, but we'll make sure he's ready to start throwing bullpens at any point after it gets a little warmer."


Kanemoto also told reporters yesterday that he wanted to play in at least 5 games before the start of the season, even if it was as a DH.

===== 2/13 @ 6:29am

Tatsuya Kojima is slated to start today's practice game against the Yakult Swallows.  Daiki Enokida (1st round) is also scheduled to make a 1-inning relief appearance.


Takumi Akiyama is scheduled to pitch 1 inning in a practice game against Ni-gun Seibu on the 16th.


Hiroyuki Kobayashi threw 47 pitches in the bullpen yesterday (while mixing in his slider and change).  Kobayashi is also scheduled to toss BP today.

Team owner Shinya Sakai was on hand to watch the bullpen session.


Kosuke Kato faced 8 batters during situational BP yesterday and gave up just 1 hit (Shunsuke Fujikawa).


According to Sanspo, Kenji Jojima took a total 51 swings against chief development coach Mitsuo Tateishi during BP yesterday -- 16 from the left and 35 from the right.  Jojima also told reporters that he was the type of hitter that needed to take a balanced approach to hitting.  That is, he can't just aim for a high batting average or a lot of homers or a lot of RBI.  To that end, Jojima's goal for the 2011 season is to bat .300, hit 30 homers, and drive in 100 RBI.


Sanspo is carrying comments taken from Tomoaki Kanemoto after practice yesterday:

How is your right shoulder feeling?

Better than I expected.  Rushing things or forcing things is the worst thing I can do.  I think it'll be best for me to take it easy with the throwing.

Did you feel any discomfort while taking BP?

Surprisingly no.  I was a little worried, but there was no pain.

What did it feel like to hit the new baseball?

It did feel a little heavy.  It's hard for me to gauge distance because of the wind today, but the ball did feel heavy.

Do you have any counter-measures [for the new baseball]?

Not really.  But it'll be difficult to hit homers into the right-field stands if you don't hit the ball square with good extension.

How will you spend the rest of your time during spring camp?

I need to keep improving how my shoulder feels.  I have to increase the distance at which I play catch.  If I can't throw, I can't play in games.  As long as I can do that, I think the rest will follow.

What are you goals for this season?

I could play in a lot of games last season, and it's not really making up for lost time, but I'd like to play in all 144 games while putting up good numbers.  That's all I'm thinking about right now.

Your consecutive game streak is still intact as well.

They allowed me to keep the streak going last year by using me as a pinch-hitter.  But if they need to do that, the streak may as well come to an end.  It's because you're in the starting line-up everyday that it becomes worthwhile to keep the streak going.