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Seibu Lions Spring Camp News and Notes: February 13, 2011

by on Feb.13, 2011 @ 1:59 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/13 @ 10:17pm

Today marked the end of the third block of spring camp.  Hisanobu Watanabe announced the following player changes: Hidekazu Hoshi and Ryo Hayashizaki (5th round) will be demoted to Ni-gun camp; Masahiro Abe will be promoted to Ichi-gun camp.


Hideaki Wakui faced 11 batters during situational BP today and gave up 2 hits and struck out 2.


Chikara Onodera faced Shogo Saito and Shogo Akiyama (3rd round) during BP today and had a chance to check on his fastball.

Watanabe watched the session from behind the mound and later told reporters that while Onodera had a fair outing, he noticed that inflexibility in his hip region was causing Onodera to lose control of his pitches at times.

===== 2/13 @ 1:59pm

Owner Takashi Goto is visiting Ichi-gun camp in Nango, Okinawa today.


Yasuyuki Kataoka (sprained right foot) workouts yesterday included general warm-ups and indoor BP in the cages.


Shogo Akiyama (3rd round) may have won himself a few exhibition game opportunities in right with his 2-hit, 1 stolen base performance during situational BP yesterday.