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2/14/2011: Hisanori Takahashi, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hideki Matsui

by on Feb.14, 2011 @ 10:27 am, under MLB

Hideki Matsui took 100 swings during soft toss BP yesterday.  It was the third time he took soft toss BP over the last 9 days.  During his month and a half long stay in Japan, Matsui has practiced outside 11 times and swung the bat (soft toss) 265 times.  Last year, while in Japan, Matsui practiced outside just 3 times and did not swing the bat at all.

Said Matsui, "Including running, I'm not exactly at 100%, but with regards to my condition, I'm not feeling to worried right now."

Matsui also happened to bump into Koji Uehara at a restaurant back on the 5th.

Matsui took off for the US out of Narita today.  He'll spend some time in New York before heading out to Arizona for Spring Training.


The Red Sox officially announced on the 13th that they signed Itsuki Shoda to a minor league deal.  Shoda wrote about the contract back on 2/11.  He also notes that he threw 170 pitches in the bullpen on the 12th.


Tsuyoshi Nishioka did some running (with his cleats) between first and second on the 12th (13th in Japan).  It was Nishioka's first practice wearing cleats.

Nishioka will be using the same model cleats he wore while playing for the Chiba Lotte Marines (no modifications).

He also told reporters that he's more or less running at full speed and that he felt his workouts were coming along just fine.


Hisanori Takahashi got a physical on the 13th and afterward arrived at the training facilities past 11am for some running and to play some catch.  He showed up for workouts wearing all red and told reporters he didn't hate the color and hoped that it would soon become his lucky color.


Daisuke Matsuzaka met up with his new interpreter, Kenta Yamada.  Seems Yamada was also a trainer for Cirque du Soleil last year.