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Chiba Lotte Marines Spring Camp News and Notes: February 14, 2011

by on Feb.14, 2011 @ 6:15 pm, under NPB

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The Ichi-gun Marines have the day off today.

===== 2/14 @ 10:13pm

Shunsuke Watanabe visited sake brewing company Yaesen today.

===== 2/14 @ 6:15pm

Naoki Matoba worked out with some of the other younger players during his day off today.


Yuki Karakawa also worked out for about an 1.5 hours today (running, playing catch).  Karakawa missed practice yesterday due to a cold (he had a fever).

Said Karakawa, "I felt a little light-headed in the beginning, but after I started sweating, I felt much better."

Karakawa also told reporters that he wanted to practice today so that he'd be ready to rejoin the team tomorrow for the start of the fourth block of camp.


It appears there's a chance Toshiaki Imae (left calf strain) might not be rejoining the Ichi-gun until the start of the exhibition game season.

Said Imae, "I may not be able to join the Ichi-gun roster during spring camp.  Even if I can't, there's still the exhibition games."

Norifumi Nishimura also told reporters that the team didn't want to rush Imae because they didn't want to risk further injury.