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Hanshin Tigers Spring Camp News and Notes: February 14, 2011

by on Feb.14, 2011 @ 1:31 pm, under NPB

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The Tigers have the day off today.


Yesterday's practice game against the Yakult Swallows (Ichi-gun):

Masanori Fujihara entered the game in the 8th and struck out the side in order (Jun Matsui, Shinichi Takeuchi, and Shingo Kawabata).

Kai-Wen Cheng entered the game in the 9th and retired the side in order.  He needed only 10 pitches to retire Ryohei Kawamoto, Takahiro Araki, and Yuhei Takai.

Shinji Komiyama, Taichi Okazaki, and Kohei Shibata were the only players that managed to collect hits in the game.

Yesterday's practice game against the SK Wyverns (Ni-gun):

Kenichi Tagami started in center and batted second.  He went 3-for-5 with an RBI.

===== 2/14 @ 9:07pm

Tagami worked out on his day off today -- he started with BP and then hopped on a bus to go to a pool in Yado, Kochi.


Masashi Nohara, Shunsuke Fujikawa, Yamato, Issei Morita, and Kohei Shibata all worked out at Ginoza Dome today.  Morita struggled at the plate against the Yakult Swallows during yesterday's practice game against the Yakult Swallows (2 strikeouts) and spent time hitting against a machine that threw curves.


Jeff Williams' retirement announcement has made headlines in Japan (like Daily Sports, Nikkan Sports, Sanspo, Jiji Press, Yomiuri).  Williams was trying to make a comeback from a left shoulder injury but decided to throw in the towel after the pain returned.


Akinobu Mayumi wasn't very happy about the offense being shutdown yesterday, with only three hits to show for.  Here are some comments that showed up in a Nikkan Sports report this morning:

It isn't about the ball not carrying, it's about [weak] swings that don't pack any punch.

They might be trying hard, but it isn't translating into anything good [on the field], that means it's probably a skill problem.

They need to take solid swings and keep track of their timing.  It seems to me like their swinging the bat hard enough.

If you don't have the timing down, you aren't swinging the bat well.  And the opposition is going to try and throw your timing off.  If you can't make the necessary adjustments in order to swing the bat well, then you aren't going to get a hit.

Even if you don't have the timing down, you should still be swinging the bat hard.

===== 2/14 @ 2:31pm

Daiki Enokida's (1st round) comment after his outing against the Yakult Swallows yesterday:

I rate today's outing about a 30.  I was nervous and I couldn't get comfortable and I couldn't throw the ball well.  That I was able to get by without allowing a run is just luck.

Enokida fell behind in the count to all three batters.  Incidentally, he retired the first batter on a fly ball to left, walked the second batter he faced, then Ryo Asai made a nice play on a liner to right: after catching the ball, he quickly threw it back to first to complete a double play.


After yesterday's loss to the Yakult Swallows, 8 of the younger players, including Shunsuke Fujikawa and Katsuhiko Saka, spent about 1.5 hours taking extra BP.


Minoru Iwata faced Wei-Chu Lin and Ryo Asai during BP yesterday and threw 46 pitches.  Iwata will probably get a chance to pitch during one of the upcoming intra-squad games scheduled to take place between 2/19 and 2/21.


Amongst the 12 could-be hits Hiroyuki Kobayashi gave up during BP yesterday, 4 went over the fence (1 by Keiichi Hirano and 3 by Takashi Toritani).  Kobayashi also told reporters that he was throwing at around 50-60%.  All 36 of the pitches he threw were fastballs.


Kenji Jojima took 61 grounders at the secondary field while wearing cleats yesterday.

Jojima - "I didn't take grounders from a stationary position, I also worked on going to the sides and moving forward.  It was rehab, it was passed that stage.  I'm finally starting to move around like a baseball player. ... I'm also feeling a different kind of tightness in my body.  After taking BP in the bigger area yesterday my body feels a little tight.  But it's a good kind of tightness.  I'm making good progress."

Jojima also ran nine dashes (using different sneakers) 60-meter dashes.