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Hiroshima Carp Spring Camp News and Notes: February 14, 2011

by on Feb.14, 2011 @ 4:20 pm, under NPB

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The Carp have the day off today.

===== 2/14 @ 10:37pm

The Carp held a staff meeting today and decided that they will begin putting the squeeze on pitchers.

Said Kenjiro Nomura, "Even Ichi-gun pitchers that don't do well will be in trouble.  Pitchers standing on the borderline will realize that they aren't going to get a lot of chances moving forward."

A number of players, including Ren Nakata and Toshiaki Aizawa, are going to be called up from Ni-gun to take part in an intra-squad game on the 16th.

===== 2/14 @ 9:25pm

The team is concerned about the recent volcanic activity at Shinmoe Peak and are hoping they won't have too many problems with the wind blowing ashing into their training facilities.

===== 2/14 @ 4:20pm

The Carp decided yesterday that Masaya Kanemaru (4th round) and Yuki Tsurumoto (7th round) will be demoted to Ni-gun campYuya Fukui (1st round) would normally be on the verge of a demotion as well, but it seems the club is going to cut him a little slack and keep him with the Ichi-gun group for a bit longer (primarily because of the late start).


Kan Otake threw 72 pitches in the bullpen yesterday (squatting catcher).  He also had Tetsuya Kokubo, Takahiro Iwamoto, and Yoshihiro Maru stand in the batter's box.  He also threw his shuto and change.  For Otake, it was his fourth bullpen this spring.

Otake - "It wasn't really a great session.  But more important was that i was able to throw.  I still can't get rid of the fear [of getting hurt again], but I think I need to keep pushing forward.  If I don't do this, I won't get passed it."

Chunichi Dragons' scout - "He looked good on the mound and it didn't seem like he was too worried about his shoulder.  Seems like he might be ready for the start of the regular season.  We need to consider the possibility that we might face Kenta Maeda, Bryan Bullington and him [during the first series of the season]."

Hanshin Tigers' scout - "The fact that he was throwing his shuto means his shoulder is feeling good.  He must be at that point where they're leaving it up to him to decide what to do."