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Yomiuri Giants Spring Camp News and Notes: February 15, 2011

by on Feb.15, 2011 @ 10:16 am, under NPB

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Today's intra-squad game:

The reds beat the whites, 1-0 (8 innings).

Shun Tono started the game for the whites and tossed 2 shutout innings while giving up a hit.  He later told reporters he struggled with his command over his off-speed pitches.

Shugo Fujii entered the game in the 3rd inning for the whites and gave up a run over 2 innings of work.  After the game, Fujii told reporters he needed work on pitching out of the set position (he hit a batter and things went a little south for him after that).

Hirokazu Sawamura started the game for the reds and pitched 2 shutout innings (0 H, 0 BB, 1 SO) while topping out at 149km/h.

Sawamura's Inning by inning (via Nikkan Sports):

1st inning - Hayato Sakamoto (SS) - E-4; Itaru Hashimoto (RF) - popped out on bunt attempt (runner at first doubled off first); Toshimasa Konta (CF) - F6.

2nd inning - Yoshiyuki Kamei (3B) - ground out to first; Ryuichi Kajimae (LF) - F8; Shigeyuki
Furuki (SS) - strikeout swinging.

Takahiro Suzuki was the starting DH and batted 9th for the reds.  He hit a double off Yasunari Takagi in the 7th.

Kato Ken entered partway through the game for the reds and was the catcher when Kentaro Nishimura struck out the side in the 8th.  He also collected a hit.

===== 2/15 @ 11:19pm

Yuya Kubo spent about an hour and 10 minutes throwing 216 pitches in the bullpen today.

Kubo - "I was having trouble with my balance and my pitch count naturally went up while I tried to make adjustments.  I was still able to throw pretty hard after hitting 200 pitches, but it was about trying to get my balance down.  It's something I'd like to continue working on."

===== 2/15 @ 9:23pm

Tatsunori Hara has told reporters that he'll be using players from the veteran S group during an intra-squad game on the 17th.


Sawamura asked Shugo Fujii for permission to work out with him on the team's day off on Monday.

It seems the Giants are also thinking about giving Sawamura a chance to pitch in an exhibition game against the Hanshin Tigers at Koshien Stadium on 3/13 (in relief).


Hisayoshi Chono worked out for about an hour on his day off yesterday.  Chono did not wear a batting helmet during BP because it still caused him a little discomfort (he took an HBP off the face on the 6th).

===== 2/15 @ 10:16am

General pitching coach Kazuhisa Kawaguchi has three things he wants Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round) to follow for his first start (intra-squad game) today: 1) you don't need to throw any off-speed pitches, 2) don't worry about the results, 3) don't wear your emotions on your sleeve.


Taishi Ota told reporters that he spent his day off yesterday sleeping in order to regain his strength and begin the fourth block of spring camp (which begins today) fully prepared to play.


Tetsuya Matsumoto was surrounded by about 50 fans when he showed up in the team hotel lobby yesterday.  When asked how many boxes of chocolates he received this year, Matsumoto said that he was sure because he hadn't count them yet.  He then added, "I love chocolate.  And I've managed to receive a lot of them after joining the Giants."