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Hanshin Tigers Spring Camp News and Notes: February 16, 2011

by on Feb.16, 2011 @ 12:47 pm, under NPB

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Today's practice game against the Nippon Ham Fighters (Ichi-gun):

The game ended in a 2-2 tie (9 innings).

Naoto Tsuru started the game and did not allow a run but did give up a hit in each of the three innings he pitched in.

Shunsuke Fujikawa started in left and batted lead-off.  He went 1-for-3 with 2 walks.

Wei-Chu Lin was the starting DH and batted 4th.  He went 1-for-2 with an RBI: single to center, strikeout looking.

Ryota Arai started at first and batted 5th.  He went 1-for-3: HBP, strikeout swinging, fly out to right, single to left.

Katsuhiko Saka started in center and batted 6th.  He went 0-for-3 and walked in a run in the first.

Yesterday's practice game against the Kochi Fighting Dogs (Ni-gun):

Keisuke Kano started in left and batted 4th.  He later moved behind the plate in the 6th.  Kano also hit an RBI double to right-center in the 4th (runner on first and 1 out).

Shintaro Tanaka (Ikusei) started at first and batted 6th.

===== 2/16 @ 10:30pm

The Tigers held another emergency meeting (about 15 minutes) after the game out in left.


Fujikawa faced Issei Morita and Masashi Nohara during BP today and threw 42 pitches while giving up just 2 could-be hits (or 1 hit depending on the sources you read).  That's 22 pitches to Morita and 20 pitches to Nohara.

===== 2/16 @ 12:47pm

Akinobu Mayumi told reporters yesterday that he planned on using both Takashi Toritani and Keiichi Hirano during a practice game (on the road no less) against the Nippon Ham Fighters today (Hirano starting at second, batting 2nd; and Toritani as the starting DH, batting 3rd).  The hope is that the move will motivate the younger Tigers into playing harder.


Kyuji Fujikawa is scheduled to toss his first BP of the spring today.  Fujikawa did not do anything throwing in the bullpen yesterday and spent most of the day running.  Jason Standridge, Randy Messenger, and Yasutomo Kubo were also scheduled to make appearances as BP pitchers today.


Daiki Enokida (1st round) told reporters after his 131-pitch bullpen sessi0n yesterday that he planned tossing bullpen sessions today and tomorrow as well.  And regarding his 131-pitch bullpen session:

My shoulder felt a little light so I wanted to get in a little extra throwing.  I want to throw a little more, so I sped things up a bit.  I did, however, feel satisfied after about 120 pitches.


Atsushi Nomi will likely make an appearance during an intra-squad game on the 20th.


The Tigers are hoping one of the following four pitchers can step up become their lefty option out of the bullpen: Masanori Fujihara, Yusuke Kawasaki, Kazuya Tsutsui, and Kosuke Kato.


Tomoaki Kanemoto started using a regular bat during BP yesterday (he was using a training bat that weighed over 1kg) and consciously held back in order to avoid aggravating the right shoulder.  He also did some base-running for the first time this spring.


Kenji Jojima worked out for about 5 hours yesterday.  His session included: running (fast) ten 60 meters outdoors and catching (while standing) Shunsuke Ishikawa, Ryuji Wakatake, and Ken Nishimura in the bullpen.  Jojima is scheduled to run dashes while wearing cleats at some point soon.


Yuya Ando was in Osaka getting treatment on his right shoulder yesterday.  The team had Ando travel back to Osaka on the 14th in order to get two days worth of treatment on the shoulder.  A team trainer told reporters it had nothing to do with Ando's condition getting worse and that they just wanted him to get some treatment.