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Yomiuri Giants Spring Camp News and Notes: February 16, 2011

by on Feb.16, 2011 @ 2:24 pm, under NPB

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Yesterday's intra-squad game:

Kentaro Nishimura threw 2 shutout innings for the red team.

Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round) threw a total 17 pitches during his 2 inning outing.

Tetsuya Utsumi pitched 2 shutout innings for the red team and gave up 2 hits.

===== 2/16 @ 10:41pm

Takahiko Nomaguchi threw 216 pitches in the bullpen today.  Pitching coach Masaki Saito also stood in the batter's box to check on Nomaguchi's off-speed pitches.

===== 2/16 @ 2:24pm

Shun Tono threw 300 pitches in the bullpen today.  This coming on the heals of tossing two inning during an intra-squad game outing yesterday.


The Giants announced yesterday that Shigeo Nagashima's scheduled visit on the 18th was canceled because he had a cold.


The Giants drew about 7,700 fans yesterday.


Sanspo is carrying the following interview with Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round):

What are your thoughts after your first outing?

It kind of felt a little short, but a little long...  But I had fun throwing in front of all the fans.

Were you able to take anything away from the outing?

I was get ahead in the count and I was able to get strikes even when I fell behind 2-0.  I do need to work on continuing improving the high fastball.

You got a strike with a slider after falling behind 2-0 [to Shigeyuki Furuki]...

I threw two fastballs that ended up balls.  I wasn't feeling very balanced throwing the fastball and sometimes I like to turn to off-speed pitches to help me regain my balance.  I was also good that I was able to get a second strike with a fastball after that.

Did this help you with your confidence?

This was an intra-squad game.  I can't really say until I start pitching in exhibition games.  It would also be wrong of me to think of how great I am.  I need to stay ambitious as I continue to move forward.

Incidentally, Shinnosuke Abe told reporters the he and Sawamura got their signals crossed on the pitch that got Furuki to strikeout -- Abe called for a fastball, but Sawamura thought he was calling for a fork and threw that instead.

Sawamura's next outing could come on the 20th against the Rakuten Eagles.


A plaque of Takuya Kimura was revealed during a ceremony at Miyazaki Minami High School yesterday.  Kimura's family was also present.