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Seibu Lions Spring Camp News and Notes: February 17, 2011

by on Feb.17, 2011 @ 3:28 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/17 @ 10:08pm

Takayuki Kishi threw 120 pitches in the bullpen today.


Yasuyuki Kataoka celebrated his 28th birthday today -- the media presented him with a cake while the fans sang "Happy Birthday."  Wakui and Kazuyuki Hoashi stood on either side of Kataoka at one point and forced his head into the cake.


Oishi threw 100+ pitches on back-to-back days for the first time this spring.

===== 2/17 @ 3:28pm

Hideaki Wakui threw 150 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.  It was not only his second bullpen session in as many days, but also the most number of pitches he has thrown this spring.  Wakui is currently scheduled to pitch in a practice game against the Doosan Bears on the 22nd.


About 40% of the 103-pitches (40 pitches) Tatsuya Oishi (1st round) threw during his bullpen session yesterday were off-speed pitches.

Wakui - "I was able to throw decent off-speed pitches after throw a few of them consecutively, so I need to work on being able to throw a good off-speed pitch in one shot."

Oishi is slated to start an intra-squad game on the 20th and go at least 2 innings.  There's also a chance he could pitch in an exhibition game on the 27th (vs Yokohama).

Oishi also threw 134 pitches in the bullpen today.


Yusei Kikuchi threw 35 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.


Assistant batting coach Toru Kumazawa told reporters yesterday that he planned on holding a meeting with all the position players to talk about ways to approach all the pitchers that will be making appearances on the 20th.