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Seibu Lions Spring Camp News and Notes: February 18, 2011

by on Feb.18, 2011 @ 8:27 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/18 @ 10:26pm

Tatsuya Oishi (1st round) did not do pitch in the bullpen today, but instead did things like play catch and work with weights.  After practice, he walked his way back to the team hotel.


Takeya Nakamura and Hideto Asamura stayed back for about 30 minutes of extra fielding today.  Takeya also decided to borrow Hiroshi Hisao's bicycle so that he can riding to and from the stadium.


A new Lions' store will be opening up at the Omiya Arche (6th floor) on 3/5.

===== 2/18 @ 8:27pm

Kazuhisa Makita (2nd round) threw 79 pitches in the bullpen today in preparation for an intra-squad game outing tomorrow.

Makita - "I was thinking 30-40 pitches, but I ended up throwing close to 80.  Regardless of the results, I just want to pitch my game tomorrow."