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Yokohama Bay Stars Spring Camp News and Notes: February 18, 2011

by on Feb.18, 2011 @ 4:26 pm, under NPB

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===== 2/18 @ 11:24pm

Miura faced Yoshitomo Tsutsugo and Yuki Yoshimura during his outing as a BP pitcher today.  He also threw only fastballs and curves and surrendgered 3 shots over the wall.

===== 2/18 @ 8:45pm

Daisuke Miura and Brent Leach tossed some BP today -- Miura threw 49 pitches and Leach 48 pitches (23 of which were balls).


Sledge hit 6 balls over the fence during BP today.


Miura and OF / base-running coach Osamu Yonemura were the butt of team coordinator's (マネジャー) Mikinori Hachiuma's joke today.  Before practice, Hachiuma made the following announcement to all the players:

This will quickly become a problem for the team [if you guys keep sending these kinds of things] to the cleaners.  Please take care [of these types of items] on your own.

He then produced two ladies' underwear with the names Miura and Yonemura written on them.  Seems the prank was pulled in order to ease some of the strain from practicing.

===== 2/18 @ 4:26pm

Takao Obana was high on the intra-squad game outings made by the three rookies yesterday: Kisho Kagami (2nd round), Hiroshi Kobayashi (4th round), and Shinji Ohara (5th round) all tossed 2 shutout innings.

Obana - "All three of them were good.  They're making me want to pitch them against other teams [to see how they'll do]. ... I'd like to call them up to Ichi-gun, but there is a problem with the number of people [we have up here right now]."


Terrmel Sledge dropped about 6kg during the off-season.  And while he was supposed to start his workouts today, he managed to squeeze in some BP and running yesterday evening.