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Hiroshima Carp Spring Camp News and Notes: February 21, 2011

by on Feb.21, 2011 @ 5:06 pm, under NPB

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Today's intra-squad game:

Yuki Saito started the game for the reds and tossed 2 shutout innings (while giving up 1 hit).

===== 2/21 @ 10:48pm

Iwamoto collected 19 could-be hits during BP with Nomo on the mound.

===== 2/21 @ 9:41pm

Hideo Nomo threw around 60 pitches (about 10 minutes) to Takahiro Iwamoto during extra BP today.


The Carp announced today that they will be donating 1.5M yen to both Miyazaki prefecture and Nichinan City (relief efforts for volcanic activity and for bird flu).

===== 2/21 @ 5:06pm

Yuya Fukui (1st round) faced 4 batters, including Tsubasa Aizawa and Shota Dobayashi, during BP today and threw 31 pitches (all fastballs) while allowing 3 could-be hits on 23 swings.  Fukui also threw 6 balls and topped out at 138km/h.  This was Fukui's first outing as a BP pitcher this spring.


The Hiroshima Oyster Growers Association presented the Carp with 20kg of oysters (without shells) and 100 oysters (with shells) before practice today.


Kenta Maeda threw 88 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.  He also threw his change for the first time this spring and worked out the set position as well.  As of now, he's slated to pitch 2 innings in an intra-squad game on the 22nd.

FWIW: Maeda's first outing last year was on 2/23 (intra-squad game).


As mentioned yesterday, Takahiro Iwamoto worked on getting back to first during practice yesterday.  According to Nikkan Sports, he slid back in to first around 70 times.