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Yomiuri Giants Spring Camp News and Notes: February 25, 2011

by on Feb.25, 2011 @ 2:33 pm, under NPB

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The Ni-gun roster has the day off today.

===== 2/25 @ 9:27pm

Kentaro Nishimura threw 39 pitches during BP today and allowed 4 could-be hits.


Tetsuya Utsumi threw 43 pitches during BP today and allowed 3 could-be hits.


Rusty Ryal took BP today (soft-toss, live pitching) with an exercise ball sandwiched between his knees.


Tatsunori Hara gave Matsumoto pointers on how to hit without taking a big step into the ball.

Matsumoto - "My head doesn't bob around because I'm not taking a big step into the ball.  That means I can watch the ball closely.  I'm planning on trying a number of things [to get out of my current funk]."


The pitchers held a meet-and-greet with fans after practice today.

===== 2/25 @ 2:33pm

The Giants drew 11,000 fans yesterday.


Pitching coach Kazuhisa Kawaguchi pointed to three things Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round) did well during his 2-inning outing against the Hanwha Eagles yesterday: 1) being able to make a quick adjustments, particularly after giving up back-to-back hits (single and a double) to the first two batters he faced; 2) mixing speeds; and 3) getting ahead in the count.

Sawamura threw a total 32 pitches yesterday -- 21 pitches in the 4th and 11 pitches in the 5th.


The Giants wanted to see how Hayato Sakamoto would do batting out of the 2-hole, but there plan isn't working out to well because their lead-off batter, Tetsuya Matsumoto, hasn't done a very good job of getting on base -- 0-for-14 through four non-intra-squad games.

So while the Giants would ultimately like to see Matsumoto batting lead-off with Sakamoto hitting behind him, they may end up swapping the two batters to see if they can get something going.


After yesterday's practice game against Hanwha, Alex Ramirez tried to dance the Eisa.  Ramirez is still looking for ideas for his 2011 HR jig.