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Yuki Saito Preseason News and Notes: February 27, 2011

by on Feb.27, 2011 @ 11:12 am, under NPB

This post will be updated with information as it becomes available so keep checking back if you have any interest in Yuki Saito.

===== 2/27 @ 12:14pm

Saito's curve was clocked at 111km/h.

===== 2/27 @ 11:12am

Saito topped out at 142km/h yesterday.  And of the 19 pitches he threw, 15 were fastballs, 3 were two-seamers, and 1 was a curve.


Sanspo is carrying comments taken from Saito after yesterday's game:

What are your thoughts after your second game?

Just like the last game, I focused on my control and on the movement on my fastball.  I also threw the curve and two-seamer, but I felt really good about the fastball.

Your last appearance was canceled due to stomach pains.  Were you feeling a little antsy because of the extra time you ended up having in between appearances?

Not really.  Maybe during the regular season, but it's still early.

You gave up a hit, a walk, and 0 runs over an inning of work...

The fact that I was able to toss a shutout inning will help with my confidence.  The mistake pitch, or the pitch I happened to throw at that moment, ended up getting hit [for a double by Naotaka Takehara].  I also don't feel too good about the walk I gave up.  I still need to work on my control.

You seemed to have a little more on your pitches this time around...

My feel for pitching hasn't really changed.  The fact that it's getting warmer is helping.  All I'm doing right now is trying to stay relaxed on the mound while throwing pitches with movement.

It was your first game against a domestic team...

Lotte is a team that won last year.  I pitched against the middle of the line-up, so I definitely got a little pumped.

Eiichi Koyano made a nice play [on the foul out to third]...

I thought he made a great play.  He really helped me out there.

What did you take away from this outing?

That I still need to work on pitching out of the set position.  I want to put everything on the table and do my best to make the active roster.