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Hanshin Tigers Preseason News and Notes: February 28, 2011

by on Feb.28, 2011 @ 10:55 am, under NPB

Takahiro Arai took 64 swings during BP yesterday and hit 9 over the fence.  And after BP, he threw his batting gloves into the stands.


Batting coach Yutaka Wada told reporters yesterday that he was somewhat disappointed with Shunsuke Fujikawa's performance so far and that he was glad to see Kohei Shibata's bat coming around.

And according to Daily Sports, it seems the Tigers will play Shibata and Ryo Asai in a few Ikusei League games to make sure all four of their CF candidates have "equal" opportunities to compete.


Takuya Takahama is 8-for-14 through 6 games this spring.

Takahama - "If I think about what I'm doing differently in comparison to the past 3 years, I think it's swinging away on the first pitch.  I figured that was where I'd try to change things. ... I still haven't played out a full season at Ni-gun.  I'd like to work on making sure that I can play a full season."

The coaches have also decided to keep Takahama with the Ichi-gun club a little longer to see how he fares against better pitches.


Yuya Ando threw 41 pitches in the bullpen yesterday -- 20 to a standing catcher and 21 to a sitting catcher.


Minoru Iwata threw 54 pitches in the bullpen yesterday (Akihito Fujii was the catcher).


Yasutomo Kubo threw 54 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.  Partway through the session, he asked to have water poured on the new Mizuno rosin bag to see what happened when the bags got went (to simulate rain conditions).


Kenji Jojima started running with his cleats during practice yesterday.

Jojima - "I didn't feel any discomfort.  If I'm going to stand in the batter's box, then being able to run with cleats, that's part of the requirement."