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Iwate University manager dismissed for beating players

by on Mar.02, 2011 @ 2:39 pm, under College

Iwate University (Morioka) announced on Tuesday that baseball team director / manager Shoitsu Sawamura hurt a number of players while managing the team.  Iwate University has already dismissed Sawamura as director of the team and will also be dismissing him as manager of the team some time this month.

According to the university, Sawamura disciplined 5 players (for things like poor play on the field and bad behavior) between 2008 and 2010 by slapping their faces -- sometimes so hard that he cut their lips.

Sawamura admitted to the use of corporal punishment and the Iwate disciplinary review board is considering what punishments, if any, should be handed down.

One comment on “Iwate University manager dismissed for beating players

  1. bbdad

    This is what I don’t get about Japanese Baseball and some players. I have done my research and my reading of several books now and there seem to be many of these incidents…maybe more that are not told. I think the game is taken way to seriously if young men are punished due to seemingly over-restrictive coaches afraid to lose or to lose their job.
    If it happens at the HS and College levels then it appears it may also be at the lower levels…I hope not. If “wa” is the goal, then surely some need to be re-trained to teach and to lead and learn that losing is also a teachable moment in young men…not an embarrassment. I will stop my rant as this is a subject not to my liking as I have coached young men too many years to hear stories like these.
    I hope the punishment falls heavily and leads the wrong doers into their sunset.

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