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Yuki Saito News and Notes: March 7, 2011

by on Mar.07, 2011 @ 3:00 pm, under NPB

This post will be updated with information as it becomes available so keep checking back if you have any interest in Yuki Saito.


Saito next outing will be as a starter against the Yokohama Bay Stars (at Yokohama) on the 13th.  He is expected to pitch 5 innings and throw 60-80 pitches.


Saito threw 70 pitches in the bullpen before his outing against the Yomiuri Giants yesterday.


Saito will not be traveling with the team for their upcoming road-trip, but instead headed to Kamagaya today to continue his training.  He'll be rejoining the team on the 12th, a day before a scheduled outing against the Yokohama Bay Stars on the 13th.  Yu Darvish is also at Kamagaya.


Sanspo is carrying the following comments from Saito (taken yesterday):

On looking back to your outing [against the Yomiuri Giants]...

I was able to pitch my game.  I can't really put a grade on it, but I think things are getting better.  And my goal for the game was the same as always: keeping my pitches down and working on my fastball.

Your thoughts on the Giants' line-up...

It was scary having to face [that line-up].  And I felt a strong aura from Abe-san.  It really felt like they had a lot of really great hitters in the line-up.

On getting Sakamoto to fly out to center...

He did end up flying out to center, but he also hit the ball right on the button.  I need to get in on him a little more.

You started him off with a fork...

I thought he might go fishing.

You threw a lot of two-seamers to the left-handed batters....

I think I may have thrown the two-seamer a little too much.  I think it's a pitch I can use.  [But] I really need to use my fastball more.  I need to think things over.

One your "first pro victory"...

I'm happy about it.  Does it make me feel more confident?  Not yet.  I only threw 3 innings and there's still a long road ahead of me.

Any pitches you felt good about?

I'm starting to get my slider over well.  I think I have a better feel for it.  I still need more time with my fork.  I need them to swing [and miss] on that pitch, but they're still able to check their swings.  I want to increase the number of pitches I can use.

Your goals moving forward?

I want to decrease the number of times batters hit the ball square.

You're next outing will be a start against the Yokohama Bay Stars...

More innings means a different style of pitching.  [I need to set the rhythm and] not let the batters get to me.