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NPB asks glove manufacturers to stick to the guidelines in the rulebook (1.17)

by on Mar.09, 2011 @ 3:49 pm, under NPB

The NPB sent notifications to glove makers asking them to stick to the guidelines in the NPB rulebook.

Players have been showing up with gloves that have symbols / logos on the webbing, something that isn't allowed under section 1.17 of the NPB rulebook.  The NPB has also asked players with symbols / logos on the webbing of their gloves to make the appropriate modifications by the All-Star break.

For those interested, Section 1.17 of the NPB rulebook that talks about symbols / logos on the glove:


Trademarks on mitts or gloves made out of cloth or stitching, should be located on either the wrist strap (on it or near to it) or near the base of the thumb area and should be no larger that 4cm high and 7cm wide.


Symbols / logos made of cloth or stitching (enamel-based marks are not allowed) must be located near the base of the thumb and can be no larger than 3.5cm high and 3.5 wide.


For pitcher's gloves, symbols and logos must not be either white or gray.


Brand names, model numbers, and other marks that are stamped must be either black or brown (a natural color).

The NPB also said that they plan on adding a new rule next year that requires gloves to use the same color laces as the glove itself.

2 comments on “NPB asks glove manufacturers to stick to the guidelines in the rulebook (1.17)

  1. fighting ham

    “…must NOT be white or gray.”

    Probably too distractive for batters.

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