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Eri Yoshida will likely be a starter for Samurai All Japan

by on Apr.26, 2011 @ 10:58 am, under Other

Eri Yoshida tossed situation BP during practice yesterday with the Samurai All Japan.  It seems she may have already secured a spot in the starting rotation.

Said GM Shuji Yamauchi, "We see her as a starter.  We're also interested in seeing how far she can go in the fairly high level of Summer League."

Regarding playing for the Samurai, Yoshida, "What I need more of is experience.  I want to throw more innings and face more batters while pitching in front of scouts and hopefully that will lead to another offer with another chance [to play in the US]."

2 comments on “Eri Yoshida will likely be a starter for Samurai All Japan

  1. BBMedia

    Sounds like a good move for her to get more experience in an Amateur setting. The NBC is similar to other adult recreational leagues in the US, Like the MSBL and the NABA. It is an amateur/semi-pro league. Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Baseball_Congress
    My hope for her is that this is an earnest attempt to improve, and not an attempt at maintaining publicity. After speaking with several coaches from the Golden Baseball League last year, it would appear that in their eyes, this experiment…aside from filling stadiums… was a very bad decision, and not one they are willing to repeat. Nevertheless, I wish Eri the best in fulfilling her dreams to go as far as her talent will take her.

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