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Eri Yoshida works out with Samurai All Japan [5/7/2011]

by on May.07, 2011 @ 5:52 pm, under Other

Eri Yoshida worked out with Samurai All Japan today.  Despite the rain, Yoshida worked out for about 2 hours (pitching practice and facing live batters).

UPDATE 5/8 @ 1:42pm - Yoshida is now throwing the ball from a three-quarters arm slot (about 50 cm higher than before) instead of her previous side-arm slot.  Said Yoshida, "I've pitched [professionally] for 2 years now and I needed to change something.  I was walking a lot of batters throwing from the side.  I've changed [my mechanics] to something where I can throw a lot of knuckleballs free and easy."

It seems the new arm slot has also added about 10km/h to her pitches (she's now throwing anywhere from the mid 110km/h range to close to 120km/h).


According to the Samurai All Japan GM blog, Akinori Otsuka will be helping out as a special temporary coach.  Otsuka is eying a return to the Majors and will be working with Samurai All Japan as he works his way back into playing form.

2 comments on “Eri Yoshida works out with Samurai All Japan [5/7/2011]

  1. BBMedia

    Sounds like a good move to go to 3/4. Just an FYI: Most radar guns in the US had Yoshida at 45-60 mph, which is approximately a range of 72 kph to 96 kph. I don’t know of any readings above 60 mph, but there may have been some. Most had her throwing around 50-55 mph, with an occasional fast ball at 60. With a 10 kph increase that would put her at about 106 kph (approximately 66 mph). That’s not bad for a good knuckleball, but another 5-10 mph would make her a true prospect if she has excellent control. Best of luck to her.

    1. Gen Post author

      Thanks for the heads up on her radar gun readings in the US. In looking at the article again, I see now that I was a little sloppy with my translation on the current radar gun readings. It should have read that she’s now throwing in the mid 110km/h range to close to 120km/h (I have since fixed my post). That would actually be more in line with your info on her radar gun readings in the US.

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