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JHBF discusses high school baseball scholarship programs

by on May.14, 2011 @ 1:04 am, under High School

The Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF) held a meeting on Friday to discuss the current state of a trial scholarship allowance it began in 2009.  According to their research, students that were given scholarships were doing well and there was an overall decrease in these students dropping out of school.

The JHBF considers 5 or fewer scholarship students per grade ideal and approves of the falling number of schools that handed out scholarships to 6 or more students since the first year the allowance was passed (from 91 schools in 2009, to 51 in 2010, and 26 to 2011).

Hirotaka Nishioka, a chairman on the committee that oversees the scholarship allowance, said, "Most schools are following the guidelines and every year things appear to be getting better.  At this point, the JHBF isn't in a position to do away with the scholarship allowance."

UPDATE 9/19 @ 10:27pm - Some more figures, via Nikkan Sports: schools that have 10 or more students on scholarships dropped from thirdteen in 2010 to three in 2011.  Of the three, two schools had 10 or more students on scholarships 2 years in a row.  One school had as many as 17.

A final decision will be made on the scholarship allowance during a trustee's meeting on the 27th.