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Three Fukushima high schools given green light for mixed team

by on Jun.02, 2011 @ 12:08 am, under High School

The three high schools in Fukushima (Futabashoyo High School, Tomioka High School, and Soma Nogyo High School) that applied for permission to compete in the Fukushima Tournament as a mixed team were given the green light by the Japan High School Baseball Federation on Wednesday.

The final mixed team will contain 14 players from Futabashoyo, 1 player from Tomioka, and 3 players from Soma Nogyo.

While all the rules haven't been worked out yet, the following have: managers from all three teams will act as manager, director, and vice director of the mixed team; all three will be allowed in the dugout (normal rules only allow the manager and director to be in the dugout).  The school songs and flags for all three teams will also be used during fielding practice.