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The NPB after the big quake, Day 87 [June 6, 2011]

by on Jun.06, 2011 @ 6:27 pm, under NPB

I'll keep this updated throughout the day.


Seibu Lions

The Lions announced that they were going to close down the team offices in order to help conserve energy during the summer months.  The offices will be closed on the following days: 6/13 (Mon), 6/28 (Tues), 7/4 (Mon), 7/12 (Tues), 8/1 (Mon), 8/8 (Mon), 8/29 (Mon), 9/5 (Mon), 9/22 (Thurs), 10/3 (Mon), 10/17 (Mon).  This will not affect customer service operations, like the clubhouse stores, the Lions' information center, or the ticket center.

Rakuten Eagles

Some of Yuna Okanishi's (shodo-ka - calligrapher) work (dedicated to survivors of the earthquake / tsunami) will be exhibited at Kleenex Stadium.  An opening ceremony will be held tomorrow at 4pm.


The NPB announced that they have raised a total 46,758,506 yen in donations (between the start of the season and 6/5).

FWIW: That's 35,981,155 yen between 4/12 and 5/8; and 10,777,351 yen between 5/9 and 6/5.


NPB Commissioner Ryozo Kato vowed that the league will do what it can to help revitalize northern Japan with their All-Star game at Kleenex Stadium this year.