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Fukushima High School Tournament: radiation levels to be measured before game days

by on Jun.14, 2011 @ 4:31 pm, under High School

The Fukushima High School Baseball Federation is leaning towards having radiation levels measured at each baseball field during the Fukushima Tournament (to begin on 7/13) and canceling any games when the levels get too high.

The Federation held a meeting with a radiation specialist on the 13th to discuss what needs to be done in order to protect the students from unnecessary radiation exposure.  From there, the Federation worked out a plan that involves canceling games based on whether or not radiation levels at individual stadiums are above 3.8 microsieverts.

The measurements would be taken every day in the morning hours (before the start of games for that day) at each of the stadiums begin used.  If the levels are 3.8 microsieverts, the games from that day, at that particular stadium, would be canceled.

The Federation is also figuring out what to do in other situations, like when it rains during a game (right now, it seems like games will be canceled the minute it begins to rain).

A final decision on the matter will be made during a Fukushima Tournament steering committee meeting on the 23rd.

Radiations levels at baseball fields in Fukushima were measured earlier this month for other tournaments and none of them had levels that went above standard levels.