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Nippon Ham Fighters: So Yu Darvish really IS a human…

by on Jun.15, 2011 @ 11:19 pm, under NPB

Yu Darvish's scoreless inning streak came to an end tonight when the Tigers managed to push a runner across the plate in the bottom of the 3rd inning on a wild pitch that allowed Matt Murton (HAN) to score.  But Murton may not have been in position to score had Yoshio Itoi cleanly handled Murton's single to center to start the inning.

Murton was also responsible for stopping Darvish's 9-game winning streak with a game-winning RBI single in the bottom of the 7th.

So Darvish's scoreless innings streak ended at 46.2 innings (good for 2nd in PL history) and his consecutive shutout streak ended at 3.  But Darvish did toss his 4th straight complete game.

UPDATE 6/16 @ 3:30pm - Scouts from the Atlanta Braves (Hiroyuki Oya, international scout) and Minnesota Twins (Koji Takahashi?) were at the game watching Darvish last night.

Said Oya, "This is the first time I've seen him this year and it looks like he's pushing the fastball.  And his slider didn't have as much bite as it did two years ago.  But I know he's got more than this."

5 comments on “Nippon Ham Fighters: So Yu Darvish really IS a human…

  1. Eric Lord

    Fair, but Takahiro Arai, who was up when Darvish uncorked the WP, finished the at-bat with a clean single, so Murton would have scored even without the error.

    1. fighting ham

      That might have happened without the error. But, in reality, that run isn’t charged to Darvish. The box score says he earned only one run, which must be the run in the 7th. The key is that without the error, you can’t assume Hirano would have successfully bunted. Once an error occurs, everything will be interpreted in favor of the pitcher.

      Of course, the scoreless inning record doesn’t depend on whether a run is earned or not.

    2. Eric Lord

      Never said that it was charged as an ER, just that even without the error Murton would have probably cashed. :) I was as surprised as anyone when Darvish let that pitch go, though. Was at the park, the whole stadium was in disbelief. Happy disbelief, of course!

    3. Gen Post author

      Chances are, Murton does score on Arai’s single to left, but we’ll never know for sure how the inning would have actually played out if Murton didn’t get to second on the error.

      I think the one thing we can all ultimately agree on is that any pitcher would have felt a lot better having a streak end on a solid hit than on a wild pitch. Especially since a wild pitch is something the pitcher can actually control (at least to some degree).

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