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Hankyu Hanshin Holdings stockholders meeting doesn’t go over so well for Hanshin Tigers

by on Jun.16, 2011 @ 5:03 pm, under NPB

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings held a stockholders meeting yesterday in Osaka.  According to Daily Sports, a number of stockholders were vocal about their dissatisfaction with regards to the Hanshin Tigers.

One man wasn't happy with how Akinobu Mayumi was utilizing the players on the team; was down on Tomoaki Kanemoto's fielding abilities; and even called for owner Shinya Sakai to step down (his comments also elicited an applause).  Another man wasn't happy with either Mayumi's behavior on the bench (likely referring to his stare down with a fan on the 5th), nor with his post-game interviews.

In response to the criticism, team president Nobuo Minami apologized to the stockholders for the team's lackluster play on the field.

UPDATE 6/17 @ 9:50am - Sanspo has a more complete version of Minami's comment:

I want to offer my utmost apology, not just to the fans, but also to the stockholders for causing them so much concern, over the team's poor record and lackluster play. ... With close to 100 games left in the season, there's still time to turn things around.  We're all feeling that things can't end the way they currently are. ... I can't really go into details on contracts and personnel right now...since reporters from a lot of newspapers are here right now.  I'm sure whatever I say will be thrown out of proportion on tomorrow's front page, so I'll hold back from saying any more."

There's also a comment from Sakai:

Tough criticism?  I was there so I should know.  I'm on the same wavelength as Minami.  The manager?  There's nothing I can really say about it now. ... I knew we were going to be [criticized], after all, this is competitive sport.  We need to turn things around.  That's all we have left."

UPDATE 6/17 @ 12:27pm - Nikkan Sports has a complete comment from a stockholder:

I would like to ask about [Akinobu] Mayumi staying on as manager.  [Tomoaki] Kanemoto has not played in the last two games because he fouled a ball off himself and it seems his replacement has helped this team win those games.  Don't you think it's rude for Hanshin fans to [leave a player like Kanemoto in] with that kind of fielding and throwing? Why isn't a player like [Ryo] Asai started in the outfield?  Asai probably could have save the team at least 5 runs on defense alone.  [Shinya] Sakai, if you can't properly gauge the manager's ability, then you should step down as owner.

(Sponichi has a slightly different ending to the above comment:  "I wonder how much trouble you caused fans, club personnel, and company personnel with your decision to keep such an unassertive person as manager over 3 years.  [Shinya] Sakai, if you can't properly gauge the manager's ability, then you should step down as owner.")

And from the same Nikkan Sports article, a slightly different response from Minami:

When a team loses, everything the manager does / affects is closely scrutinized.  But this isn't all the manager's fault.  The front office also has responsibility in how they developed the team.  Regarding individual players, using the players that are doing well is standard practice.  I think it's a general rule.  So I will take in your valuable opinion into consideration.  The team, the players...  We're not ready for the season to end like this, I think everyone is thinking this.